Is your Home Sweet Home actually sweet enough?

The extreme makeover shows might have inspired you to a new look but if you are one of the few who eventually opts for “Home sweet home” then it is rather time to plan for a home makeover to realize the change you always secretly wanted. You might be already comfortable in your zone and thinking it might be a complete waste of your valuable time and energy. But before you hastily take this decision out of sheer laziness think twice of the excitement of living in a more colorful life than you are now. House renovations are part of the deal of a more exciting life and it should definitely be your choice if you have settled for anything less than what your heart truly desires.

Where do I start?

Like any other work, house renovations also require strict planning and management. Organize your thoughts and work out a plan. Think of it as a project and its success depends if you have already drafted out your plan and working according to your checklist. Consider every aspect of this project particularly the cost and time. How much capital investment do I need? Am I willing to devote the time or consider outside help? This will definitely affect your budget and remember once you have started there is no looking back.


Since you have already planned on proceeding with your project and realized that you are up for the change make sure that you have hired an architect to plan for any structural carpentry. This could include adding a new wall to your house or breaking a new one to make your rooms look more spacious. You might even get inspired for adding a new ventilation system or substituting the old one for a greener choice. In most Australian house renovations there is now a trend for a more sustainable house. Share this thought with your architect and interior decorator and make sure they are encompassing the change. This will definitely influence your initial investment but will eventually cut down on your utility bill and provide higher return.

Compliment your rooms with the right color

You might be living in a lovely cozy apartment or having your own studio apartment, either ways you want to set the perfect tone for your place. So choosing the right color will define your taste and highlight all the furniture in your room. Remember colors have their own language, so choosing the right color is crucial for any house renovations. Matching the right color scheme might be more hard work than you think but the result is definitely more rewarding. If you are completely naïve on this issue and don’t want to be the reason for your own house disaster then you are left with two choices. Either you can hire Perth renovations or you can stick with colors of the same family for all the rooms in your house.

What is next?

If you are one of the lucky ones with a swimming pool to compliment your house you might now focus on all these auxiliary components. However if it is affecting your budget you might be better off living with the old one.