Indications of Presence of Termites in Your Property

Termites are amongst the worst pests that can wreak havoc in your lives. Being a homeowner, one of your responsibilities is to make sure that your home is completely treated with the latest pest control methods to prevent the infestation of this highly destructive critter.

With its notorious voracious appetite, your house might face serious structural issues that require costly repairs or renovation. Worse, your documents may also be consumed or severely damaged by these tiny critters. It is, therefore, a must to check if there is a presence of termites in your house.

But finding out their presence can be a great challenge. Many homeowners have realised that their property had been attacked by these insects only after a major infestation. Without proper training and tools, you may not detect their presence by your naked eyes. Fortunately, experts have provided tips on how to find out if your property is currently under termite invasion. Here are some of the indications:

Subterranean tunnels – One common species, subterranean termites, dig underground tunnels. These tunnels are often 20 centimetres below the surface. If you are tilling the soil in your yard and notice any sign of tunnels, call pest control experts at once.

Fallen wings of swarmers – Swarmers are young winged termites that often fly from their nests once the breeding season begins. Their breeding season usually takes place during the last days of spring just after the last freeze. This is the time when they start creating their own colony. If you see their wings near your property, call professionals at once as they might choose your home as the venue of their new colony.

Paint bubbles – If you see paint bubbles on your ceiling or walls, they might be caused by the attack of these insects.

For your peace of mind, always hire pest control experts to routinely check the presence of termites as these insects are amongst the most dangerous to your property.