Important Designs and Concepts You Would Be Looking at In Terms of Wash Up Systems

While a trolley washer is good for a large food and beverage set up like a multi cuisine restaurant, not every café or eatery has the space or the financial resources for it. If you are operating on smaller scale then the cutlery washer is a good kitchen investment option for you. The cutlery washer is convenient as it has automatic sorting capabilities which quickly segregate the different components of cutlery according to shape and size. The cost of manually sorting cutlery is thus reduced. There is also a linked packaging machine which will again lead to time savings. If you want to speed up the working processes in your kitchen and also improve the hygiene then the cutlery washer is a good option.

Buy a Cutlery sorter

This particular piece of equipment can be paired with pass through dishwashers or can be used as a standalone system. If you have very less space inside your kitchen and basically operate a setup which sees a lot of traffic then the cutlery sorter is ideal for you. This way you can avoid the confusion and damage which happens when new and inexperienced staff try to handle the cutlery. Multiple handling and incorrect sorting will make your kitchen area more disorganised than ever which will again create delays when peak times are on.

If you want a pass through dishwasher which is less noisy then look for one with noise suppression abilities. However if your dishwasher has a grinder attached to it then it will make a louder noise than a dishwasher without a grinder.