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Most Important Aspects of Web Design

Do you have a website you want to improve? Improving these web design components will dramatically increase your click-through rates and conversions!

All businesses will have a website nowadays. It’s a great way to reach out to customers and clients. Having an online presence helps with marketing and advertising, especially in this day and age. It even gives you a platform to sell your products and services, regardless if you have a brick-and-mortar store or not.

Although websites enjoy a widespread use in the business sector, it’s still common to see an unsuccessful site. Many business owners will push for marketing and spreading awareness about the website. What most don’t realise that the site’s efficacy is highly dependent on how it’s designed.

If you’re looking to improve your site, here are a few of the most important aspects you should be looking at:


User experience is the cornerstone of a successful website. People don’t necessarily come to a page with a specific view in mind. However, it’s universally accepted that you have to give them relevant, easy-to-acquire information. This means that the user needs to see data that is or may potentially be important to them.

A huge part of this is usability. They need to be able to go to your website without having to struggle with different buttons. For example, 50% of consumers will use the navigational bar to comb through a website if they’re new there. As such, the navigational bar should be optimised for easy readability and fast response times.


Responsiveness is the site’s ability to adapt to any medium. This means optimising the site’s viewability on PCs, tablets, mobile phones and any other device they consumers use. This is important in making your site available to a broader range of people.

There used to be a time when people could only access the internet through their PCs. Today, almost everyone has access to their mobile phones. In fact, mobile data traffic has increased by 74% since 2015. The market continues to grow, which is why businesses should work to cater their websites for their customers’ browsing patterns.

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