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How to Make an Animated Business Video

If you are going to pay for an animated business video from an agency or from a single consultant you should know what it entails to make one. Once you have decided to make one and you have come up with the money to pay for the video you should know what it entails to make an animated business video. The project takes place between four to eight weeks and the prices ranges from $ 1,500 to $ 20,000 per minute depending on the complexity of the video or the company that you use. When you are ready here is a guide of all the steps it takes to make an animated video from the beginning to the end. There are mostly 6 stages to making a video



Stage 1 initial meeting

This is when you go to the agency that will be making your animated business videos and you can discuss what you are looking for and what you expect from them. This is where you will talk about your product or service and see how you will be able to come up with a message that can be translated into video. This is very important as the creatives in the agency will be there and they can take your brief and visualize it in their imagination and have a vague concept for you. Here is when they will tell you how long it will take and you can finalize details on payment and expectations.

Stage 2: Research and scripting

After everything has been settled and the agency has an idea of what they are looking for the next step is to research more about your company, product and the niche that you are in. this will help them come up with a suitable animated business video for you. This is when they will come up with the script which is basically the foundation of the video. Since it takes time for the writers to fully understand everything about your business and to squeeze it into 200 to 330 words it will take them close to a week to come up with the right material for you. The script should have a creative direction, a storyline and should be engaging to both you and your audience

Stage 3: Style and illustration

This is where all the characters in the video are created and they are drawn by hand which will be scanned to a computer. The image made from the scan will be the bench work of all the following work will be done.

Stage 4: Storyboarding

When everything has been done, drawings illustrations and finally the research finished the next step to be presented to you is a final script and style on a story board for you to approve. If you like the direction the video is taking without any correction the following step will be adding the voice over on your animated business video.

Stage 5: Voiceover

A professional voice artist will be brought in to a studio to record the script and story board for your animated business video. This doesn’t take a long time as there is a sound engineer to rectify any problems that are there.

Stage 6 Animation and music

This takes the longest time and yet it is the most fun part you get to see how your video will come out. This is when the finished product will be brought to you with all the music, voice over and any special sound effects.