How to Buy a Dog Bark Collar?

Dog Bark Collars belong to a family of training devices used to limit the excessive barking tendencies of the canine species. These collars are also known as e-collars, zap collars, electronic and collars. They essentially basically function by administering a low voltage electric shock to the neck of the animal on continuous extensive barking. Although, these are very efficient training devices, you must put in a lot of thought to decide where and which kind of dog collar to buy.

Various options

Some dog bark collars rely on activation by microphones and some by underground vibrations. The advanced versions however, use a combination of both microphones and vibrations to eliminate any external source of noise.

Collars are designed to send off very low electric shocks which increase in intensity if the dog does not stop barking. There are other varieties of such collars which use sprays (lemon, water, citronella) or ultrasonic notes (shrill noises which only dogs can hear) as aversive stimuli.

The basic purpose is the same – startling your dog into remaining quiet.