What are the Hotel Amenities to Look For?

Hotel amenities supplies need not be limited to indoors but can also be extended to outside the room. Most well to do hotels now provide a fitness centre, parking, a grand entrance with a spacious lobby and seating, swimming pool and on-site restaurant or bar. Many Hotels literally go the extra mile and provide shuttle services to nearby airports and even to different parts of the city on demand.


A concierge is in a way your personal assistant. A hotel concierge can collect tickets to concerts, make restaurant reservations and direct you to local attractions. This adds a personal touch to your hotel service and your customers will remember your hotel for such warm hospitality.

Celebrity Chef

A good hotel is known by its food primarily. Having a celebrity chef on board will add a unique touch to your hotel and is a sure shot way of having repeat customers. Having dedicated days to particular cuisines and surprising your customers with special dishes is good for business.

A hotel is categorised under service industry and hence service is the most important part of a hotels working. The more you understand your customer’s needs, the better you get at this business. Travellers are always looking at getting something extra for the price they are paying and hence it only makes sense to provide hotel amenities supplies to make your customer happy.

Best Service

Including a couch and a coffee table, complimentary toiletries such as soaps and conditioners and a mini bar with snacks and beverages are few things you can provide inside the room. On demand twenty four hours service and laundry services are few things that many travellers look for in a good hotel before recommending the same to a friend or a colleague.