Tips for Buying Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

You might be having a small restaurant or a deli or you’ve been running a successful catering service. Of all the equipment that you’d need to prepare and store your raw items, semi-processed and processed food, a refrigerator is surely one piece of equipment that you can’t do without.

Commercial refrigeration that includes a wide gamut of freezers and refrigerators are essentially used in all hospitality segments where preserving perishable foods, storing and supplying fresh ready-to-serve items are indispensable. But how to choose a refrigerator or freezer that fits your needs?

Commercial refrigeration items

Commercial refrigeration products are classified into broad categories by almost all manufactures and all their downstream suppliers for ease of selection and purchase. So you’ve commercial refrigerators that include solid door, display, under-counter, and worktop fridges.

Also included in this category are chef bases, milk coolers, and dual temperature and dual display refrigerators and much more. The freezers category comprise glass door, solid door, glass top, worktop, display, batch, and walk in, and roll in freezers, chest freezers and ice merchandisers. Refrigerated prep consoles, and display cases, scratch & dent freezers make up the other categories.

Choosing your commercial refrigeration

Depending on the nature of your business a walk in commercial refrigeration might suffice or you may have to go for an assortment of commercial refrigeration equipment. Whatever your requirements, there are certain key elements that you’ll need to consider when selecting your equipment like the available storage space, size of the unit, and layout (shelves, quick access, ice and water, side-by-side, French door and so on). You’d also want your unit(s)’s design and style to gel with the surroundings.

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