Where To Place Your Skip Bins?

Putting the skip bin in your front yard is also a great option. And it is not as difficult as it seems. There are actually two methods of moving your bin into the front yard. One is simply that if the fence of your yard is low, you can just lift the bin over it.

The other way is that you can turn around the truck into the driveway and then turn it in so that it can lower the skip in the yard. However, you have to check whether there is enough space for the skip truck to turn. Otherwise this method becomes useless.

Use garages and underground parking

You can also make good use of your garage or your underground parking system to hold skip bins. But remember that only mobile skip bins and skip bags should be placed in these places. The overhead space required for a mobile skip is around 2.1m. However if the structure is like a Toyota Landcruiser, the mobile skip bin might also fit in.

But if none of the above options suit your convenience, then you better pay the fee due to your local council. This will enable you to place skip bins on the street outside your house or even on a strip of grass. Before you decide where to keep your skip bin, go through the Council Permit details carefully. Skip bins Perth help you in obtaining the best and the cheapest deal.

During renovation work, it’s best if you choose Skip bins hire instead. Use them until your work is over, and return them afterwards.