Second hand house purchase

Have you decided to buy second hand house? it is important to know number of things before you enter into the apartment or property:

  1. Since the property is not new and flooring exists, it will be very hard to replace to flooring especially if the flooring is concrete which most like would need an expert concrete cutters Brisbane to properly and safely cut according to your design,  following a problem therefor it is very important that it will be in order so there will no need to replace everything as it i major expense.
  2. Part for the fact that we want the apartment to be in high quality and without any internal damages, also from the outside we want everything to normal, therefor testing the quality of the materials and the paint at the front of the building is very important, as much as the internal, it is very easy to see if their is problem with wet areas, more then that is recommended to go up to the roof and see it’s condition,  as this will dictate the if home maintenance is needed.
  3. Building inspectors will also conduct wall test as it is recommended, they will check the quality of the paint and plaster, can wet signs be seen, it is also important to check it during the winter or autumn this way the check the most reliable, if the walls are pealing, and with that check doors, shutters and lintels.
  4. Pipe test – this test is very important, is there enough pressure in the taps, when the the pipes have been chugged and if it didn’t how long has it been existing, is there rust etc… See Plumbing Gold Coast

So it’s true that it’s a lot but it is recommended and better then other large expenses whom might sum into large numbers.

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