Home solar systems

Solar Assist is specialising in installing green systems and solar energy systems in the private sector.

Solar energy is a mutual nature resource

In the goal to progress use of green technology, the commonwealth government is helping with funding of electricity manufacturing using photo-electric cells. With the help of Solar systems Brisbane, in the frame of the program, the government is obligating the power companies to buy from the consumers electricity manufactured using solar energy produced from the sun following the bellow principals:

  • The price of buying the electricity today is 3 times higher then the electricity sold to the consumers.
  • The agreement period for purchasing is for 20 years from the day of signing the contract in-between the consumer and the power company. After 20 years the electric company is obliged to continue and purchase the electricity and transfer extra into the network in a price equal to the price of consuming at the same period.

Tree Removal and Pruning

You should talk about this with you property manager, property management Gold Coast. When  buying new solar system to install on the roof it is not the end. There is the aspect of your roof, if it’s covered with trees, branches and leafs. You will need to consult you solar panel supplier to see where you stand. In most cases he will direct you to the right tree pruning Brisbane and tree removal Brisbane specialists. Easy and great solution to start using your new solar panels for hot water.

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