Benefits of Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring has gained its popularity in the recent years as people all over the globe have seen the aesthetic value of bamboo not just as flooring but as decors as well. The Bamboo can be fashioned according to anyone’s likings and maintaining bamboo is not challenging at all. Listed below are some of the benefits of bamboo flooring Brisbane:




Bamboo is fairly easy to grow and propagate all over the world. In comparison with other types of woods which can take years before they grow and propagate, the bamboo grows in abundance even with very minimal care. When bamboos are cut for bamboo flooring, the mother plant can replenish quite fast. Environmentalists definitely love this characteristic of bamboo as less damage to nature is done when bamboos are cut. In addition, the leaves that were not used for making floorings can be utilized as food for livestock.

Easy to maintain

The bamboo flooring is fairly easy to maintain. The bamboo, in comparison with pine or vinyl floorings has better resilience. The bamboo is proven to remain tough and beautiful even in areas where there is heavy foot traffic.

Easy to install

There are many ways to install bamboo flooring and one of the most popular methods is bamboo floating floors through the use of adhesives. In fact, the home owners themselves can do the job. The floating system of floor installation allows more people to get attracted to it because of the ease of installation.


The cost of bamboos depends on the finish, the grade, and the percentage of material. The spectrum is from the highest grade to the solid bamboo planks. For those who are constrained with limited budget,  they can still use bamboo flooring as they can save money on installation of the bamboo floors.


The bamboo can adapt to all sorts of weather condition, thus, bamboo is not easily damaged by weather. The bamboo can be installed anywhere- whether you live in a temperate of tropical country.

Strength and durability

Bamboo is proven to be strong and durable. In fact, the bamboo was used as scaffolding in Japan, so you can just imagine how tough the bamboo flooring is. Do not underestimate its light weight characteristic as bamboo can carry way more than its weight. The bamboo can be a contender for marble flooring when it comes to durability.

With all those benefits, it is not hard to understand why bamboo flooring is gaining its popularity among homeowners.