Crucial Home Inspections

Comprehensive Building inspections Southern Highlands cover the basic features like roofing, ventilation, insulation, foundation, surface walls, doors, windows and the frames in relevant places (doors, windows, and roof). Each of these is important in its own way and repairing any of them could be a costly affair.

Inspection on Woodwork

If extensive woodwork is an integral part of the property you intend to purchase, you will want an inspector to check for any signs of termite or borer infestation. Such infestations can cause massive damage to the woodwork from inside.

You will have to spend a huge amount to repair it if it is left undetected for long. The home inspector will also look for damage to the woodwork from water seepage or moisture.

Inspection of Septic Tank

If the property has a septic tank in the premises, you will want that to be checked too. Septic tanks are where the solid wastes settle and the grey water is discharged in the surrounding leach fields. Home inspections include a dye test to detect the proper functioning of the leach field. You can also arrange for the tank to be emptied and inspected visually. This will however cost you more.

Inspection of the Drainage System

No house can be comfortable and healthy without a proper drainage system. An inspector is the right person to understand how the house is constructed on the property. For the best drainage, the adjoining land should slope away from the house so that accumulated water drains away easily. Moreover, all the drain spouts and gutters should be positioned and inclined in such a way that they drain off water easily. This is vital to prevent water accumulation or flooding during particular season. See Clogged Drains

Using a magnetic fly screens prevent an insect infestations.

Hiring a handyman to do the necessary repair tasks at home is important.