Advantages of a ducted AC system

A ducted air conditioning system has considerably better air distribution system. The various hidden ducts disburse air equally in all areas of your house to give you an insulated comfortable zone.

You may wish to heat or cool different rooms on different times of the day depending upon the position of the sun or the direction of the winds. A ducted system will fulfill all your needs in this case as it has a very powerful compressor and a large network of ducts.

The ducted AC system will reduce noise generation as compared to the windows AC as now you will have a choice of where to position the noise generating equipment.

A ducted AC system has a quiet, unobtrusive appearance as the ducts are generally hidden; the entire air conditioning unit is designed to blend in with your interior d├ęcor.

You will have to face a longer and a more expensive installation process when you call up air conditioning installation services. However, only 1 installation is needed for the entire house, so the process is worth it.

Things to look at before installation

Check the rules of your local municipal council in terms of acceptable noise levels. Now check with the manufacturer/vendor of the split AC system whether the unit can comply with the above mentioned sound limits. When you are choosing a new ducted system, always look at the sound power level and then buy the quietest system available.

Plan your installation process well as the air conditioning installation service is going to be expensive in this case. Choose installation services properly as mistakes in the process will be costly and difficult to repair. For best service, contact Air conditioning installs Brisbane