Treating Bad Breath

If you have any gum diseases, the doctor will be able to discover it with your bad breath. Once the treatment is underway, you can start counting the days before you will have an odour free mouth. During treatment, you will have to take extra precautions to ensure that you keep your bad breath in check.

Oral health care

A regular visit to Chatswood Dental will help you catch the problem of halitosis in it early stages. Most dentists recommend simple treatments such as brushing twice a day, gargling the mouth clean after eating or flossing to remove particles stuck between the teeth. In addition, dentist will also suggest using a tongue cleaner which remove the platform for the bacteria to ferment.

Symptoms of bad breath

The most obvious symptom of bad breath is bad breath. Exhale your breath and ask a friend to check for bad breath. If you have cavities, then you should prepare yourself for the occurrence of a bad breath.

In addition, if you have diseases such as diabetes or are undergoing medical treatment, you will have bad breath. Smokers usually know that they have bad breath and take extra precautions to ensure they do not smell immediately after fagging.

Chronic halitosis

If you have a severe problem of bad breath, then you are victim of chronic halitosis. Dentists recommend chlorine dioxide as an effective solution for halitosis. This germicide will kill the bacteria causing halitosis and reduce the fermentation process for the odour causing bacteria.