Three Marks of a Successful Weight Loss Program

Weight loss can be struggle

For many, losing weight is a struggle.  A sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits lead to gradual weight gain and health problems.  Many have tried several diet programs only to be frustrated again and again.  How does one choose an appropriate weight-loss program?  Nutritionists swear by these three guidelines in choosing a weight-loss program.

Focuses on health

The mistake many people make is to focus on losing weight.  The success of a program is not gauged on how much weight is lost, but on how healthy it makes you.  Achieving one’s ideal weight is an indication of a successful program, but is not the end-all and be-all of weight-loss programs.  The focus should be health, and not just the number on the scale. Hypnosis


Includes a balanced diet

Fad diets come and go.  Some try them and are successful, but a majority get frustrated.  It is no secret that a healthy diet is key to achieving one’s ideal weight.  A balanced diet follows the food pyramid.  That means more whole grains and therefore less refined carbohydrates and sugar.  One does not need to starve if only one takes care to eat properly.

Is a Lifestyle

Forget weight loss programs that promise quick results.  Healthy weight loss is gradual, and is rooted on a healthy lifestyle.  A balanced diet and regular exercise are key.  Have no time to exercise?  Find which among your activities can be replaced with more active ones.  Start by walking the dog (someone else’s will do just fine) instead of watching TV, or taking the stairs and not the escalator.  Then you can take on that program you find best suits you.