Quick weight loss – Dr. Beam’s method

Losing weight fast method has always been debatable among dieticians and food specialists. The main claim against the method is that who ever lost weight quickly will gain the weight at the same speed. This claim is based on researches that proved it is correct both in physiological and biological aspects.

Though surprisingly there are food specialists that claim that it is good to conduct quick diet of quick weight loss and in some cases and for certain people it is better for then normal diet. Dr. Jim Beam, dietician running a seminar of weight watchers, claims in an interview conducted with him that “life doesn’t need to go in between less and hoof”. His main claim is that becoming obis is mainly a psychological issue and nutritional, means: gaining weight have nothing to do with foes. He claims that people don’t become fat due to food, but because of their attitude to food. “the problem is psychotic and not gastronomic”, he says.

Quick weight loss – the most efficient diet

In seminar he runs he doesn’t speak about food at all, but mainly about self awareness. Part of the self awareness, following Beam’s, is to weight yourself every morning. Many dieticians claim that daily weight can hurt the motivation of the person trying to lose weight and make deal to much in his weight and in the diet it self. But following Beam, you should know the situation to choose how to act.

Beam claims the continuos diets are hard and cruel and that lose weight fast create an immediate result that the person having it can measure and see and it gives him/her determination and strength. “Fest is one of the healthiest things there are” he claims. Another component in Beam’s method is drinking 20 glasses of water, proving feeling of fullness to the person trying to lose weight.

It is recommended to the methods offered like Beam there are many against it and not for sure that tees methods are good for anyone. Any way we recommend you to consult a nutritionist and not conduct quick weight loss programs by yourself.