Placing innovative landfilled bins

The project separating rubbish in Sydney that started as an experiment will manage that instead having a central rubbish bin there will be from now on two rubbish bins , one bin for “wet” rubbish which is mainly waste from the kitchen and another bin meant for regular waste – all the rest of the rubbish which isn’t organic matter.

In the frame of the separating rubbish in Sydney the city is making impressive adjustments in the rubbish array at the experimental suburbs, main step is removing the huge big green bins from the streets of the suburbs, those ugly green bins exist all over the city and around Australia. This first step was with the help of skip bins. As a replacement to these bins the city installed revolutionary solution of bins in the ground and their door step is at the height of the pavement. Next to every building, in the experimental suburbs such bins were installed while one bin is for “wet” waste and other is for “dry”.

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Another component in marketing and promoting the project separating rubbish in Sydney is installing paintings of the big green waste bin hire Melbourne titled “getting rid…” in the streets of the suburb and an actor dressed like a green bin will have random conversations with the residents.


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