Natural diet lose weight

Thousands of people are loosing weight naturally using supplements. Your journey for healthy body requires natural diet guide supplement that will guarantee your success. Here are few supplements that is most efficient, proven to help lose weight, decrease tension, and balance minerals at the brain and body.

Omega 3 oil acid

One of the efficient sources of food is coming from Omega 3 are Tuna, Salmon, Macrel, Nuts, fruit and vegetables and as a supplement. Omega 3 oils are also “good oils” protecting us form many health threats like deceases , heart strokes, Alzheimer, Arthritis, high blood presure, depression, ADD/ADHD. Recent articles show the oil acid omega 3 are suppose to increase the efficiency of the immune system, help produce chemicals to control infections.

Following an article published in American magazine for nutritions, fish oil combined with walking three times a week for 45 mins will decrease the amount of fat in the body, and will efficient the heart and blood vessels.