Mistakes to Avoid in Losing Weight

You will lose weight depending on your body metabolism and structure. So, if you see your friend loses weight within weeks of exercising whereas you have not even made a significant mark, do not be disheartened. You have to understand that your body will take more time. Do not over strain yourself by putting extra time on the treadmill or eating very low calorie diets.

Not eating healthy food

If you are having too much of processed food, then you are not helping your body lose weight. If you are having too many carbs, then you are making your body vulnerable to increase in insulin levels. You have to have a diet plan that is inclusive of your body and eating habits.

Miscalculating the calorie intake

If you have set the aim of losing 1000 to 1500 calories, then plan your calorie intake as well as exercises around it. However, once you start losing weight, you will not be able to discard the same amount of calorie. Now, if you really couldn’t resist food, use a weight loss machine.

You need to work change or enhance your calorie intake as you lose weight. Otherwise, you will end up eating lesser food to meet with your scheduled calorie intake or exercise even more vigorously.

Your body will take a toll with the unhealthy dose of exercising and reduction in the amount of food. Eventually, you may end up giving up your diet plan and exercises because you have fallen sick.

How to Exericse Safely

If for any reason you take a break from your routine, remember to come back slowly. Don’t “return with a bang” you may end up pulling a muscle or a tendon. Start slowly with the use of gym equipment.  Warm ups and light exercise and gradually increase the time and rigor of your exercise.