Guidelines on Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Your weight loss program should not be a one-off affair that you’d jettison once you’ve lost the prescribed kilos. Rather, you should keep on with it. The idea is to go on burning enough calories to keep active and boost metabolic rates.

There are many physical activities you can carry out to maintain a healthy heart. Walking for 20-30 minutes everyday would help you to keep your stress at manageable levels. Check out Weight Loss Machines.

You can alternate walking with jogging, cycling, and swimming. Above all, lead a disciplined life and give up smoking and drinking (in case you’re addicted to them) altogether in a phased manner.

Eating to a plan

Continue with your balanced meals, stick to low fat foods and foods low in calorific content, and eat sufficient fresh vegetables and fruits. Make a habit of selecting, preparing, and relishing your balanced diet.

Cook your meals in oils with a low fatty content, carefully read and comprehend the food labelling. Maintain your meal timings and take your time in savouring them and give yourself a treat more often.

Perfect the portion sizes that’d be right for you through ‘trial and error’ runs and once you’ve more or less shaped it out keep a watch over it. Have your breakfast, lunch, and dinner at set times everyday and avoid snacking in between.

Drink plenty of water after you have completed a meal. Drink 8-10 glasses of water throughout the day. Don’t rush through your repasts and look at what is going into your mouth.

Adding health supplements to your diet will also help.