Fitness 101 (Personal Trainer)

Hiring a personal trainer is a good decision but as trainee, one should decide first if he/she is going to get a certified trainer or a qualified trainer. Those two terms may sound on the same level but they are in reality far from equal.

Fitness Trainer


In one of the books for Fitness and Health, it is argued that a certification will not prepare a trainer in training clients. It says that a trainer has to accumulate tons of practical and varied experience in order to produce a great job, not just an adequate job. A client will need not only to ask for certification but should also look on some tangible facts about the results of the trainings already been conducted in the past. It may sound really awkward but a client should be able to find a personal trainer to whom he or she would feel comfortable enough to show his/her flaws because personal trainers are there to guide clients to their fitness goals and for the trainer to meet that they have to fit with the client’s personality and needs. An article was published by CNN that may be very helpful for us to find the best personal trainer. Without showing any specific number to start with, it says personal trainers in America will jump to 24% by year 2020.It means that clients will have more access to personal trainers. But as a client, we should not readily grab every available trainer on sight. Remember, this profession is not regulated by the government.

The same article gave tips on the five qualities you should look for in a personal trainer:

1. Patience
Personal trainers should be patient enough to find out what you really need after doing a body composition analyzer.

2. Communication
– Since your trainer will not be with you all the time, your personal trainer should be able to explain to you before you part ways what to do on times when he will not be around. He should be able to provide you ways to contact him in cases you will need his advises.

3. Professionalism
– Personal trainer should maintain a close but professional relationship.

4. Education
– The trainer should be able to show you a legitimate fitness certification from an accredited organization such as the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

5. Personality
– As mentioned above, your personal trainers should be able to adapt to your own personality, somebody to whom you can entrust your biggest flaws.

Once you have established what kind of trainer you want, you can start looking for Adelaide personal trainer. There are lots of large associations for fitness and wellness professionals who have online tools that can help you locate the personal trainers available in your area and filter your results to cater to your activity of interest, price range and gender.

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