Elliptical Cross Trainers – Good for Body Toning & Training

Elliptical trainers are excellent for toning and training your lower body; especially the hamstrings, glutes and quads. This is obvious since running or walking are both excellent workouts for toning and strengthening your lower body. Elliptical trainers go a step further by toning the muscles of your lower back and abdominal region. This happens when you tighten and flex your abdominal muscles while working out on the elliptical trainer. And if your elliptical trainers with adjustable ramps, you can adjust the angle of the ramp to put more stress on your calf muscles too.

Enjoy a Full-body Workout

As is obvious from the above, working out on an elliptical trainer is a wonderful way of enjoying a full-body workout and deriving the associated benefits. Regular exercise at moderate level for about one hour on the trainer can help burn about 800 hundred calories while more strenuous workout can help you to burn more fat. In fact, there are many machines that have monitoring devices to track the intensity of your workout so that you know exactly how hard you are training.

Regular workout on a 24 hr Gym Adelaide also improves the mineral density in your bones and helps strengthen the spine. And the best part is that the exercise is absolutely safe and can be controlled according to your convenience. There is less chance of injury to your knees and other joints as your feet never leave the pedals and hit the base repeatedly as in a treadmill. And with the cardiovascular benefits of working out on the elliptical, you stand a better chance of improving your mood, fortifying your immune system and warding off obesity.