Benefits of a Manicure

Most of us are well-familiar with the term ‘manicure’. It is essentially a cosmetic procedure aimed at treating your fingernails, hands and forearms. Though manicures can be done at home, it is best to visit a  beauty salon regularly and indulge yourself with some professional pampering. The process is not very time-consuming and you can easily squeeze some time from your hectic schedule to visit a salon.

The Process of Manicure

Manicure is an ancient practice in vogue for more than five thousand years. While most beauty treatments are primarily associated with women, manicure is something which is enjoyed by men too! It is rather a part of the grooming process and anybody wishing to project himself/herself as well-maintained, suave and well-heeled will go for regular manicure sessions.

The process involves soaking your hands and forearms in a softening solution (or warm water) followed by a thorough massage with a lotion. This rejuvenates the muscles and skin making them smooth and firm. Your nails are then trimmed to the desired length and filed. The cuticles are pushed back, excess skin around them is trimmed and they too are treated with a cream.

Finally, a polish of your choice is applied on the nails to enhance their beauty. You may also include nail designs, paintings, gels, glitter or artificial stones to decorate them further. There are several benefits of manicures, both physical and psychological. Each session is a great morale booster and the affordable rates make this cosmetic treatment all the more popular.