The health system in Australia is built for a number of large enterprises who are operating health services and it, at its majority public health system, that is base on the taxpayer money and governmental funding.

The Australian health system gained a lot of achievements in prior years in the fields of medicine, medical research, public health and ability of the public to receive those health services. The Australian health system was ranked in year 2000 in the 28th spot out of 190, that by the world health organisation, before other countries whom are considered to advanced (1st. world countries) like Canada, Finland, Denmark and the USA but after other countries like Oman, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and Columbia.

Health and Wellness Tips

Milk and eggs – The complete food

Milk and eggs put together contain almost all the nutrients required for a healthy body. It contains calcium – the minerals that help build strong bones and keeps teeth strong. It contains fats, carbohydrates and other energy giving nutrients. It contains proteins that help in the making and repairing of the body muscles. A regular diet containing milk and eggs is a healthy practice.

Eat it raw

The secret to a good health and wellness lies in eating the naturally available food either raw or with minimum cooking. Boiled, stir-fried and barbecued food is healthier than food cooked with oil and spices.

When you eat it raw and whole, the nutritional value of the food is retained. Though cooking makes it tastier, it makes the food less nutritional. Also, the fried food contains a higher cholesterol level which is not good for the body. Keep the consumption levels of raw or minimum cooked food more than that of fried food.

Vitamin D and Omega-3 Acids

Vitamin D helps in absorbing calcium and omega 3 acids important for mood stability and cardiovascular functioning. The best source of vitamin D is sunlight. Omega -3 acids are found in flaxseeds, walnuts and cold water fish like cod, salmon etc. Include a sufficient amount of these in your diet for a good health and wellness.