Guides on Wearing Black Dress

Black dresses look great with accessories. A number of other clothes can be used to enhance your black dress. If you have a dress that’s strapless, may be you could layer it up with a gray turtleneck. This trend is quite hot with the youth nowadays. If you have a thing for chunky sweaters, than you can couple it with your black dress, accessorise with a wide belt.

Add Some Bling

Black without bling looks boring. Fashion pundits world over advocate that black dresses should be combined with other elements to bring out their maximum impact. The choices for jazzing up your LBD are literally endless.

You could opt for something that’s subtle and colorful, or if you wish to be a head-turner, then you could invest in big accessories like neckpieces, chunky earrings, bracelets or even anklets. Dash a bit of nail-paint on your nails, some creativity with the makeup, and you’re all set to be the star at the event.