Guidelines for Printing Envelopes for Your Business

If your company has an Australia Post account, you can have a postage paid envelope with the appropriate square symbol added to the top right corner on the obverse. Post-paid envelopes act as incentives and influence customers to communicate with you as they don’t have to pay for communication costs. It is a value-added service and a good tool for customer retention. Consulting Digital printers Sydney will be of great help with the designs and printing of envelopes.

Full Colour Envelopes

These envelopes are specially designed and may contain photographs or images on the obverse. They are most suited for occasions when you want to publicize a special occasion like a new product launch, a milestone, an award, a special programme, a new branch etc. The brightly coloured envelope is sure to create the right amount of hype and curiosity among your target group.

Window Envelope

This is a common type of envelope where you can avoid the hassles of typing the receiver’s address on the obverse. The window allows visibility of recipients’ address along with snippets of information that conveys the importance of the contents within.

Printed Envelopes

This kind of envelope is best suited to guard your important letters. The inside of the envelope is printed in a uniform pattern that prevents people from reading the contents within by holding the envelope against the light.

How to Design a Good Envelope

No matter what type of envelope your print from commercial printers, it should be appropriately designed such as with business cards UK. The contact address and logo should be in a font and size that is easily readable. The paper should not be too thin as this will lessen your company’s esteem. If you go for colour, the shades should match your company’s ideals and line of business. You can look for a printing service for various designs.

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