The process of recycling carton


Primarily – their is a need to collect the carton.

As everybody knows much of the carton is coming from trading and industry areas, which is transferred straight to the recycling factory. Also the private sector is contributing it’s part, that through filling special collecting compartment at the various cities.

If you are joining the initiative, get yourself a skip bin, it is important to make sure not to throw carton packages of milk and juice together with the carton waste, those packages includes plastic materials that are not recyclable with the carton.


The cartons are being collected using specific tracks and are transported to the factory. At the factory the carton are going through sorting and removing extra components like pins, metal, ropes etc…)

There are many problems related with removing the carton and sorting it, therefor the recycled carton and paper are the raw materials for new carton and specific new types of paper.


At the end of sorting the carton boards are going through cleaning treatment of removing the printing using various chemicals. Recycling companies are dealing continuously with development of new technologies for sorting, separating waste and cleaning the colour and that to widen the types diversity of the paper and cartons been manufactured from the recycled carton piles.


The sorted carton is transferred to huge presses that pressing into large cubes that their weight is 700kg, the cubes are being transferred to the paper factories.

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