Placing a Skip Bin

It is preferable to place Perth skip bins or shipping container in your personal property, whenever possible. In other cases, certain restrictions are imposed by the Council which must be adhered to. A minimum distance of 1.2 meters must be left on the pavement for convenience of pedestrians; containers must not be placed beneath the canopy of trees.

A minimum distance o 1.5 meters must be maintained from the edge of the container to the driveway crossover. No parking zones, No stopping zones and Bus Stops, etc cannot be used to park a rubbish bin or container. The side entry pit must be at least half a meter away from the edge of the container.

If these conditions cannot be fulfilled, the next preference is placing the bin in your neighbour’s premises with prior approval and subject to his consent. The Council places all these restrictions to ensure hassle free traffic management and to avoid any obstructions for vehicles and civilians.

Safety precautions

It is necessary for a permit holder to take necessary safety precautions or protection of the general public. The area must be well lit during night with adequate barriers or barricades erected. The skip bin must have no protruding area or section. The skip bin must have a reflective outer edge and must not block the vision of people on the streets.

No garbage must litter on to pavements due to spilling from the skip bin. The area must be cleaned up and left neat. The skip bin hire must make sure that hazardous substances are not left overnight in the bin.

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