Glass recycling

Until not long ago, almost wasn’t possible to recycle glass in Australia, accept for the drinking bottles that have the return law.

The packaging law, states that manufacturers will have to fund the collecting and recycling of those packages they are selling their produces. Means olive oil manufacturer marketing it’s product in a glass bottle, coffee manufacturer marketing in glass jars and pasta sauce manufacturers market in glass jars will fund the array for collecting glass so it will reach recycling.

There are two main solutions for recycling glass these days in the country:

  1. Separating the glass following colours, melt it and manufacturing new glass packages in a factory.
  2. Shredding the glass without separating and use it in needed infrastructure that may require seepage like a drain layer in landfills, substance for asphalt gravel and similar…

Skip Bins is promoting the field of recycling,providing skip bins and present collecting containers for glass.

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