Why a First Aid Course Is Important

First Aid Course

From workplaces to homes, injuries may happen anytime. From minor sprains, burns to actual heart attacks, first responders are always needed. Doing first aid without training, however, may make the situation worst. This is why a first aid course is important.

In any accident, the first three minutes is the most important. Within that span of time, the human body will start going into what is called brain hypoxia. What this means is that the brain is deprived of oxygen for it to function, and this is not good.

Brain hypoxia can happen anytime. It is typically led by other symptoms that a person might be experiencing: drowning, choking, heart attacks, asthma… you name it.

The truth of the matter is that as many as 70 percent of people who gets heart attack die before the ambulance even gets to them. And people choke in a span of a few minutes and die because nobody knows how to do the Heimlich manoeuvre.

What You Can Learn From the Training

In a first aid training, you will learn a number of important things that can help you and your colleague during an emergency. CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation is important in duress. If you can provide CPR to people who are drowning, having a heart attack or suffering from any other emergency, it extends their lifeline for a few extra minutes until first responders come.

Your training, together with your physical presence, can be the single variable between life and death for your colleague. Your proficiency with staying calm, assessing the situation and preliminarily taking care of wounds and illnesses go a long way in an accident.

There are many situations where first-aid is helpful. In events of burns, heat stroke, food poisoning, bone fractures, these can all be exacerbated without somebody with a first aid course knowing what to do. Whilst they seem easy enough, doing it properly is an element that should not be overlooked.

Doing all the first aid techniques properly, from CPR to tourniquet, is the fine line between helping and injuring others. Having first aid course Launceston just be the difference maker you would need in moments your skills are needed.