Feather flags are a type of marketing tool. The sign or logo is printed on a small banner. It is then attached to a small wire frame. They can be standalone materials, with custom stands that can remain erect in solid ground. They can also be planted in soil for outdoor use.

Feather Flags

What makes it different?

There are a variety of other flag types in the market, but this unique variety is popular because of its eye-catching design and durability. True to its name, it’s shaped much like a quill. The curved side of the flag helps pull the banner taut. One end is open to allow the banner to flap in the wind. This adds to the overall aesthetic value of the item.

The banner’s design can be printed on both sides. This gives it more visible to passers-by. The frame is usually made from a thin, lightweight metal. This makes it very easy to carry around. This type of flag is best used for short, direct messages. Because space is limited, the text usually has to be read from top to bottom. This poses problems for longer copies.

Where can I use Feather Flags?

This type of flag serves as a supplementary marketing material. It works best when used with other, more detailed banners. Because space is limited, it serves to initially catch the attention of passers-by. When this happens, the person can look to other signs for more details.

They are commonly used by real estate agents to increase the visibility of a listing. Homes that are up for sale will usually have this type of flag outside. This alerts people that the property is for sale. It can also be used to entice people to come to an open house. Common copies include:

  • Auction
  • Open house
  • Inspect now
  • Sale/For sale
  • Welcome

This type of advertising material come in a variety of sizes. Bigger ones will have more room for text. It’s not uncommon to see more information on larger varieties. Some will even include their contact details on the banner.

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