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Exploring the Advantages and Disadvantages of Chemical Pest Control

Pest controls came into foreground when the farmers grew tired of pests infesting their crops and decided to do something about it. Initially, all they would do was to use techniques such as crop rotation or mixed plantation to control pest invasion on their crops. However, soon chemical pesticides were used to protect the crops. This also gave rise to a new debate on the notion whether usage of chemical pesticides on the crops affect the quality or the freshness of it. Also, questions has been raised on whether the pesticide ridden crops are hazardous to the health of the human beings consuming them. There are many advantages as well as disadvantages of chemical pest control and here we seek to explore them.

The most common argument in favor of chemical pest control is the fact that it is unquestionably the most efficient method to control pests. Chemical pesticides provide maximized results when and if used in right quantities. They are probably the only sure shot way to ensure that the pests that infest crops and vegetables and other agricultural outputs are completely removed before being harvested. Also, another important point in favor of chemical pest controls in the fact that they are usually easily available in the market and are less expensive as well as hassle free than other complicated methods. Since, it is the most effective method in pest controlling, a farmer can choose from a lot of options to ensure maximization of the pest destruction process and also choose different chemicals for specific pests. The fact that they come with easy instruction manuals are also appealing to the farmers. All they have to do is make sure that they spray the right amount of disinfectants and that will be all that is needed for getting completely pest free crops.

The most common argument against chemical pest control is the fact that they are hazardous to the environment and the ecological system in whole as it disrupts the food chain, thus affecting the ecological balance of the world. It is a big argument since the environment, as it is, is under a series of threats. Adding to the list of it is probably not a very good idea. Also, using chemical pesticides on the fruits and vegetable and the crops may tamper with the quality of the crop. They can cause various reactions to the harvests and thus, subsequently affect the health of those who are consuming them. A point was also raised claiming that farmers sometimes mix other chemical substances to the pesticides so that they can improve the appearance of their products and make it easier to sell in the market. The hybrid product, however, might not to be ideal for consumption, health wise.

There are many reasons for a farmer to use chemical pest control and many reasons not to. Similarly, there are many justifications for the consumers to protest against the use of chemical pesticides for the organic ones. However, chemical pest controlling agents cannot be totally abolished unless there is a similar, hassle-free alternative to it.

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