Drawing a Fantastic Building Plan

Bathroom is another room meant for relaxation. You can design your bathroom, the way you have always fancied. Save space for installing your favourite bathtub, commode, wash-basin, mirrors, cabinets etc. in the bathroom. Design bathroom in such a way that you don’t have to regret for not introducing some desired features.


Should you work from home, you can design a mini office in your building plan. Take all the measurement of furniture such as, chairs, tables etc., you want to place in your mini office. Draw the place for printer and bookcase nearby monitor. Home builders maintain fair distance between guest room and home-office, so that you don’t get disturbed with the noise of guests while working.

Guest Room

Guest room should be able to accommodate all the bulky furniture such as, sofa, dining table etc. Carefully measure all the furniture required to be put in guest room. Organize space for using covered sleeping porch for guests who might stay at your house for couple of days.


The size of your car will determine the space you require for garage. Should you have more space available in the building area, prefer making your garage larger than you require, because you never know, when you might buy bigger car. You should be well prepared for parking bigger car in your garage.

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Looking home models in real will help you a lot in deciding whether that home model suits you or not.

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