Deconstruction as Earth-friendly alternative in Constructing your Home

If you want to upgrade the look of your home, one of the ways to do that is through deconstruction. The usable materials that will gathered from your present home will be used in re-constructing the new building. In this way, you prevent the use of fresh wood or timbers. Not only will you benefit from this manner of re-construction, but people, the planet, and your pocket benefit a lot from deconstruction.

Helping people

Through this method of re-constructing your new home, you help more people because the duration of the job is longer as compared to demolition. Also, more workers are needed for a deconstruction job. You also help people re –use the materials that are otherwise dumped in a demolition job. The reusable materials can be used in the construction of schools, churches, among others. If the site to be re-constructed is a national heritage site, deconstruction is a way of preserving history.

Helping the planet

The materials that are gathered from demolition will be dumped somewhere. This action then leads to the use of incinerators which causes harmful fumes to be emitted to the environment. These fumes are part of the contributing factor in climate change because it destroys the natural protection of our planet. As a result, weather disturbances become more violent.

Deconstruction prevents the dumping of excessive debris because the materials are re-used. As a result, the amount of trees to be cut is decreased. Also, it is good for the planet because the oil that is used in transporting the woods from the forest to the city is reduced.

Helping your pocket

Deconstruction will help you save more money in more ways. Once you use this method of home reconstruction, you will save money from taxes through donation of materials. The money you saved from taxes can then be used for buying new materials for the re-construction. Since you can still save some of the materials, you can use these again and save money on buying construction materials.

Steps in deconstruction

1) Look for an expert in your area. You can search for more than one and the project will be awarded through bidding.

2) Then your home will be appraised and the amount of tax that will be deducted from you is computed.

3) Once all paper works are done, the process now begins.

4) After completion of the project, you can already submit the papers and the materials to the recipients of the usable materials and file for a tax refund.