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Creative Ideas For Web Design

Web Design had evolved from the era of static pages, going back to the time where Dial-up Internet service connection was opened for public use. Back then, pages where as simple as a notepad document or a Word document uploaded for public viewing over the Internet; to the dynamics added to Web Design in the current computer or digital era.

Web Design transitioned from static pages having all text, no banners, and no menu, not even a scroll down menu. The era where a simple notepad editor was still used to hard code web programming. Then there came Photoshop and other graphic editing software, adding graphics that gave vividness to the overall look of the page. Just simple images that gave attraction to web pages; No fanciness in graphics, no effects, just a simple picture, may it be a banner, a footer or background in the body of the actual website.

The advancement of the digital world perhaps had influenced the need for dynamic sites, engaging the visitor to use or access the page more often. Perhaps the reason companies developed or pursued to develop creative designing and programming software that provides integration to different Web Design software to make a more interesting and engaging website.

Simple and easy to use, self explanatory software for website making gave chance even for newbies to make their own website. Microsoft, for example, made MS Office applications ready for website making, option to publish your work in MS Word or MS Publisher (having the capability of an HTML editor). Then Microsoft introduced FrontPage, which they included in the office suite they sell in the market. There also was Macromedia’s suite that covered a set of application to create and publish a dynamic Web Design page.

Macromedia UltraDev, Macromedia Flash and Macromedia Shockwave applications, to name a few are some software that made a livelier website; adding animations that don’t just stop from GIF transitioning images, but rather, a full animation even in High Definition (HD) nowadays. By adding actions to static pages, adding integrated frames to display different application content in websites. Face it, Web Design have had quite a leap from that boring look to a more interesting and appealing look and feel to web surfers.

Currently, a few, if not quite a number of web page hosting companies; and some sites over the Internet even offer website creation tools open for use for Free. Try it, who knows, you might just have what it takes with the assistance of website design.