The Natural Look of Timber Flooring

There is no other type of flooring that can match the grandeur beauty of timber flooring. No matter what the size of the home is, the timber floors can look well and blend well with the style of the home. Small homes can look larger by installing strip timber flooring. The parquetry type of timber floors can make an ordinary home look very elegant because of the unique designs and patterns. There are also many choices when it comes to the colors of the timber floors. If you prefer the reddish color, you can select the timber floors that are made from oak or maple tree. If you want some shades of peach, then choose timber flooring Melbourne that are made from messmate tree. If you like some fiddleback look, then opt for the spotted gum tree species. You have many choices which are not available in other types of flooring.



Apart from the color, you can also choose the grades of the timber woods. By grading, it means the natural appearance of the wood when it was cut. These are the markings from the insect trails, the infestations, among others. Some people prefer to see these natural markings on their timber flooring while others prefer a clean finish, sans the markings. The grade levels range from select grade to standard grade to the character grade which exhibits more of the natural tree markings like gum veins, insect trails, among others.

Budget is another big factor in choosing timber flooring. There are basically two kinds: the solid timber and the engineered timber wood flooring. The solid is more expensive than the engineered timber flooring. This is because the timber flooring is made from layers of plywood that are glued together and then topped with the solid wood. Regardless of your choice, both are very durable and highly capable of withstanding heavy foot traffic.

More people prefer to choose timber woods because it has qualities like hypo allergenic and natural insulators. The timber floors are not exactly the place for mites to breed, thus, it is well-suited for people who suffer from asthma and other respiratory ailments. Then the wood is a natural insulator meaning it provides warmth and comfort during cold days.

Use timber flooring and you can see how easy it is to maintain it. Use a vacuum cleaner or a broom stick to remove all dirt and dust. It will last with you for a long time making it a great home investment.