How To Avoid Blocked Drains?

Clogged or blocked drains can be really irritating and nightmarish for any homeowner. Even though how solid your plumbing system is,  if you don’t properly utilize it, a problem will always occur. Just imagine your kitchen or your dining room awash with the filth and grime that overflows from the sink, not to speak of the overpowering stench. And if the problem of clogged drains and overflowing sinks is not addressed immediately, the garbage might make its way to your drawing room or bedrooms. Check out Blocked drains Brisbane.

You can follow the DIY route (do-it-yourself) but it can be very physically draining and take up valuable time. Hence, it will be wiser to engage the services of a drainage engineer or a professional plumber who charge rates that are fixed and modest as well. Blocked Drain Gold Coast is a company who could provide instant remedy to your problem.

Take preventive measures

Since prevention is always better than finding remedies, it is always advisable to adhere to some simple guidelines. Follow these simple home-truths to avoid ending up with blocked drains. Sticking to these rules will do away with the need to call a plumber and save precious dollars. Most often strands of hair get stuck in the plugholes in bath showers or kitchen sinks.

You can clear them out yourself to prevent clogging. Use good quality detergents and hot water for washing your clothes. Keep the drainage pipes of your wash basin, shower pipes, and kitchen sinks free from fatty or soap residues by periodically flushing with hot water. You may contact Plumbers Helensvale if you keep having this kind of issue.

Make it a point not to flush sanitary napkins, diapers, tampons, wipes, disposable pads, and down the toilet as such disposables will end up jamming the outlet pipe. An excellent option you have to prevent blocked drains is to use a mixture of baking soda and acetic acid (vinegar) with hot water. You should also see to it that greasy or oily food leftovers are not flushed down the kitchen sink or basin.

Scrape or wipe your plates clean and dispose off the muck in the waste bin. Never dispose off cooked fat down the sink. Cooked fat solidifies and becomes hard when it comes in contact with cold water that can lead to clogged drains. Transfer the fat to an empty disposable container and put the same inside the waste bin.