Guidelines for Operating and Maintaining Forklifts

If you have recently acquired a new forklift or are using one for the first time, it pays to understand a few important tips on operating one. Not only will this ensure the safety of the equipment, it will ensure the safety of your technicians and staff too. It is not difficult to operate and maintain forklifts and related equipment. A little focus on training is usually more than enough to ensure both. Learn some tips for operating and maintaining forklifts.

Before beginning use, check the equipment thoroughly

Before you start using any new equipment, like a new forklift, ensure that a professional technician checks every feature and part properly. You can either hire an in-house technician for the task or have the company you sourced the equipment from to perform the task. This pre-operational set up or check up will ensure that everything is in order. Should there be any defects, the company can then be called on the fix or replace the equipment.

Maintain a standard checklist

A normal and standard checklist for forklift operators normally includes checking the tyres for wear and tear, checking fluids like oil, coolant etc, checking the seating and driver’s cabin, verifying that every warning device is working fine, checking the load capacity, mast etc, checking the hydraulic cylinders, checking all the basic controls and brakes etc.

A professional technician will usually check these aspects before the equipment is used. Some of these features need to be checked often. However, there are cases that forklift malfunction should be handle by a qualified mechanic. This is one of the after forklift concerns.