Concrete Cutting – An Overview

Concrete cutting is an industrial process used for sawing, drilling and cutting concrete with special equipment. Earlier, concrete saws and sledge hammers were used but the modern concrete cutting equipment are special saws having diamond impregnated blades. Modern advanced concrete cutting methods ensure smooth finish and the use of water ensures zero mess and minimum dust expulsion.

All the emitted dust is mixed with water to form an industrial waste called slurry, which is then immediately vacuumed up. The residual concrete waste is broken up with a jack hammer into manageable pieces which can then be towed away by site workers.

Why you should hire Professional Concrete Cutters

Concrete cutting Brisbane is a potentially hazardous process and requires a team of experienced professionals armed with advanced cutting equipment. These workers have to follow strict safety norms to protect themselves and the environment.

If you ask ordinary site workers to break concrete with sledgehammers or any other basic equipment, they may injure themselves or your property. You could even get sued for damages. It’s better to contact professional concrete cutters who can provide a range of services like concrete grinding, wire cutting, excavating, wall sawing, drilling and asphalt cutting.