Blinds Installations – What Mistakes You Should Avoid?

In case you have the doors that are made up of wood like oak or cedar, you need to be even more cautious in installing the blinds. The doors made of these kinds of hard woods make it difficult for the user to install the blinds. The hardness of these woods doesn’t let the panes of the doors or windows from getting damaged in any way.

What you should do is to measure the distance from the top side of the door till the ending of solid wood. The same procedure should be applied to the side as well. Having the knowledge of this distance will make it easier for you to know till where the hard wood is extended and you will face less opposition in installing the blinds at the right places.

What’s it with the French

The French doors are generally different from the normal doors in design as well in orientation. Generally they constitute two ornate doors in place of the one. This makes it even harder for the user as he will have to look for two blinds instead of just one. Also the blinds should be specific to each door; i.e. their size should be precise. The reason behind the different size of blinds for the two ornate doors is that the carpenter may have shaven of some of the woods from one of the doors in order to make them fit together precisely.

A Few More Tips

Roller blinds and Roman blinds are ideal for bedrooms. Slatted and overlapping horizontal blinds found in the Venetian style can create a contemporary look while maintaining your privacy. Vertical blinds are ideal for exhibiting your patio/balcony. They are also easy to clean. Vertical blinds are often used for dressing up sliding doors.