Advantages of Electric Forklifts

Electric forklifts generate almost zero waste and are more planet friendly. This has been the driving force behind increased fork lifts in the last few years. It’s easier to understand this when you know that braking happens automatically due to change in electrical transmission in forklift run by electricity.

Also there are no transmission or coolant fluids which need disposal and cleaning. The average intervals between servicing of forklifts is much higher and you can rest easier knowing that you preserving the life of your equipment by making a smart choice.

Save on running costs

You automatically do a lot of operational cost cutting when you opt to purchase an electric forklift instead of a diesel or propane run one for your business. Firstly you won’t have to make a provision for onsite fuel storage so you save on space and resources.

There is also less liability as you are saved from the risks associated with storing inflammable fuels on the work site. If you work out the estimated amount of money you spend every week on buying fuel for your forklift you will know exactly how much you will save on buying an electric forklift.

You will also spend a lot less on maintenance as trucks run on electricity and don’t have an engine or a radiator.

Improved functionality

The electric forklift has a low center of gravity and greater stability so it’s obviously better at lifting objects to greater heights. The turning radius is also better and this translates into greater storage features, increased product safety. There is better visibility from the rear side as the propane cylinder is missing (in comparison to LPG forklifts only).

The operators are able to run the lift trucks better because there is lesser number of hand and feet movements required to run the trucks. The components of the fork lift last much longer on account of less wear and tear. If calculated properly electric forklifts boost productivity up to 35%.