A Guide to Forklifts

A forklift is a mechanized and powered equipment that can lift and transport goods in industrial settings. Forklifts are versatile material handling equipments that boast of increased utilitarian features after the addition of a variety of attachments.

You can also refer to a forklift as a cherry picker, an industrial truck, a lift truck or a tow motor. The reason why it is called a forklift is because it has two blades or forks in front which can grasp and lift heavy duty loads weighing up to a few thousand pounds.

Swing Mast Trucks

These forklift vehicles look similar to standard trucks, but have a narrow aisle. The name swing mast has been coined to describe its ability to swing its masts up to 90 degrees. However, it can move or swing in only one direction.

Motorised Pallet Trucks

Another name for motorised pallet truck is walkie rider, rider or walkie. It is not necessary for the truck operator to sit inside and control the vehicular movement. He can walk alongside the truck and watch it transferring heavy loads.

Order Selector

These trucks have extremely narrow aisles that can easily move racked loads. However, the latter has to be tinier than the pallet size. The order selector truck can lift the truck operator and the heavy good to a height that is 40 feet above the ground.

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