A Guide to Electric Forklifts

Workhorses or fork lifts are used for moving heavy load. Forklifts are available in various sizes and types. If you are planning to buy a forklift, you should know the purpose for which it will be used so that you can buy the right size to suit your needs. You also have a choice between the internal combustion forklift which runs on fuel, and the electric one which runs on motor. These days, with the rising prices of fuel, electric forklifts are mostly used. They are also comparatively quieter and have less or no fumes.

When purchasing an electric forklift there are several factors to be considered.

Depending on which surface you will be using your fork lift on, you can decide the type of tires you will need. Cushion or rubber tires can be used on concrete. Pneumatic tires are ideal for asphalt, gravel or dirt packed areas. For sand, at construction sites, and in snow all-terrains can be used.

Weight – Capacity

Forklift capacity is determined by how much weight you need to lift, the dimensions and the height to which you want to lift. If the size, width, and height of the load keep varying, you probably need a truck with more capacity. If however you have standard sized packages to be lifted, you can determine the exact capacity you need.

If you are in a by-lane with a width of less than 11’, you would need a 3 wheel unit. These have a typical capacity of 4000#.

Most people opt for preventative maintenance. Under this plan, regular check-ups and servicing, changing the oil and filters helps prevent breakdowns. A full maintenance plan includes repairs in event of breakdowns. It also makes sense to have your forklift insured.