Some Commercial Carpet Cleaning Methods Used by Experts

One of the most convenient services to hire for your office is commercial carpet cleaning. With just an e-mail or phone call, you can have experts provide exceptional service to your office.

Having a regularly maintained office motivates employees to work harder, resulting in increased productivity and bigger profit-return for your business. But have you ever wondered how experts do it?

Here are several commercial carpet cleaning methods frequently used by experts:

  • Shampooing

Considered to be one of the oldest yet most effective methods of cleaning a carpet. This requires the use of foamy chemicals to be applied and scrubbed into fibres using a counter-rotating brush. Also, it extracts all the dust and dirt that have sunk deep into your carpet.

  • Dry-Cleaning

Certain carpets and furniture accessories are not supposed to be cleaned with water, because it may result in permanent damages. Experts also use a CBR brush to apply a soft compound, preferably powder-type products, to your carpet to extract stubborn dirt as well.

This makes it fastest and most-efficient method out of all the others because it no longer requires a drying process.

  • Steaming

This method makes use of high-pressured water mixed with a cleaning agent to remove any kind of dirt or stain on your carpets. Experts follow a certain rinsing method with the help of high-tech equipment to help ensure the protection of your belongings.

Once rinsing is done, your professionals will use a specific equipment to help speed up the drying process.

  • Encapsulation

Experts use water for this procedure. They mix together a cleaning and crystallisation agent to clean furniture. The cleaning agent agitates the unwanted elements whilst the crystallisation one makes them easier to spot and get rid of.

These methods required proper training before experts were able to master it. Save time, effort and money whilst getting the most out of your investment when you hire commercial carpet cleaner today!