Home Maintenance

Clean Your Limestone Retaining Walls the Right Way

Some gardeners are not aware of how much their limestone retaining walls can impact the resale value of their house.

Homeowners must maintain their walls to prevent them from turning into an abandoned piece of history. Cleaning the limestone thoroughly will add beauty to your landscape and yard whilst bringing an old wall back to life.

Be aggressive when it comes to your cleaning

Ancient walls will no doubt be wrapped in a blanket of mould and soot. Depending on how deep-rooted the dirt and dust has permeated, the stains will be difficult to take out. There will most likely be a growth of algae and fungus somewhere, as well as ground cover and vines that are taking root inside the wall. What can a homeowner do in this case? Employ the services of a professional landscaper of course!

The landscaper must be equipped with a pressure washer that is at least medium size

It is a good idea for the homeowner to let the landscaper take care of cleaning the limestone retaining walls because improper use of a pressure washer can destroy some parts of the limestone. The wall should also be saturated with water before the pressure cleaner is used otherwise the surface over of soot and mould will just be pushed deeper into the pores of the walls. A soaked wall will effectively carry the detergent which will lift the grime and soot away, and keep the cleaning chemicals from evaporating before they are able to do their work.

Be patient after cleaning the wall

Once the maintenance process is done, the limestone retaining walls will become dark amber and then dirty brown within 10 to 15 minutes. It may look like you ruined the wall because streaks of dirt will drip down the wall, but you are actually doing the job correctly. Carefully hose the wall a number of times to slowly take away the grime, and repeat the process if in case there are still stubborn stains.

Homeowners will be surprised at how different the limestone will look with regular maintenance. Learn more about it here!