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How to Choose Shade Structures for Your Home

With the hot rays of the sun constantly shining on your face, it may be time to get some shade structures for your home. These wonderful additions elevate the look of your space, adding a bit of elegance, understatement and freshness you have not seen before. However, before picking the first shade you see, here are some ways you can find the right product:


As with any project, you need to take a look at your aesthetic and your current personal style. This allows you to determine what design fits your place. After all, you want a shade sail that perfectly complements and seamlessly blends in with your structure. You can opt to have your swimming pool area covered, carport, deck or even entertainment area outside.

Shape of Sail

It’s important to find the best shape for your property. Since summer is approaching, you need to find the right shading solution. West or South-facing walls need to be covered up so it can help reduce the overall heat your home is receiving. When you find the right shape, this can significantly lower your energy bills at home.

Fabric and Material

When it comes to picking the right material for your structure, the first thing you need to check is if it’s suitable for the type of weather, climate and surroundings you have at home. There are many fabrics and materials available on the market. If you want a waterproof one, a special coating can be applied to the chosen fabric, allowing you to enjoy all-weather protection.

Find a fabric that can easily let the wind pass, allowing you to have a more ventilated space. If this is what you want, choose a woven PVC, HDPE or knitted polyethene fabric.

Colour of Shade Structures

Opt for a darker shade if you want a fixture that can efficiently and effectively block light and the harmful UV rays. However, if you want your place to be flooded with sunlight, especially on beautiful mornings, pick lighter and brighter shades.

Finding the perfect shade structures can be quite tricky. But with the help of Elite Shade and Sails, you can find the suitable fixture for your home. They can provide excellent suggestions and solutions for all your shading needs, so call them here 02 9624 1444 today.