Children Relocation – What is the Effect?

It is common for children whose parents are going through a divorce to get into depression. Relocation can worsen the condition. It is not common for children to be open to the idea of relocation.

Change in any routine a child is used to affects them gravely at the end of the day. Typical signs of depression to watch out for include emotional withdrawal, extreme fatigue, weight loss, loss in appetite, loss in interest etc. This may also lead to problems in school. A child’s grades may get affected or they may stop paying attention at school.

It is important to consider the potential effects of relocation on a child before deciding to move.

Changes in general behaviour

When parents of young children undergo a divorce, it is common for them to go through behavioural changes. This can be a result of an impending relocation or love to a new house or neighbourhood too.

In most cases, young teenagers and adolescent children find it harder to adapt to lifestyle changes. This leads to a drastic change in their behaviour and eventually overall conduct too. Typical changes like severe aggression, irritability, mood swings, unwillingness to cooperate with anything a parent says or does etc are common changes in behaviour.

Furthermore, relocation can push them further into confusion. The thought or apprehension of changing homes, finding new friends, getting used to a new school etc can be a lot for a child to handle after all.