Wedding Photography: Technical Tips for an Amateur Wedding Photographer

Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving what you have caught on film, and that is captured forever even when you forget everything it remembers the little things.


It is always good to have the best wedding photographer Brisbane in your special wedding day. The knowledge and skills of a wedding photographer can help you capture important moments in your wedding day. For someone to be a good wedding photographer, he/she should have some familiarity when it comes to the technicalities of photographing a wedding.

List of Shots

One of the most helpful technical tips about wedding photography is to think of as many shots as possible and how many shots the couple would like to have during their wedding day. As a wedding photographer, you should have a compilation of the shots you will be capturing, so that you can check every item off. Having a list of shots are extremely helpful especially in family shots. Make sure that the couple has a photograph with each guest, family member and close friend during the wedding day.

Visit the location

As a wedding photographer, you should visit the locations of the places where you will be shooting before the wedding day. Some professional photographers do not do this, but most of them find it very helpful to have some knowledge about the location. This will help you position your subjects and shots. Test shots can also be a good recommendation to know the right settings of your camera.

Prepare and set expectations

In wedding photography, preparation and setting of expectation is the key to have good results. You need to be well prepared and his means having a backup plan in case emergencies occur. Preparation means bringing extra batteries, making sure they are charged batteries, blank memory cards, getting a complete itinerary and routes of getting easily in and out of places. If it is possible for you, then you can attend rehearsals of the wedding ceremony. In this way, you will be getting a lot of information about the probable positions of where and how to shoot, proper lighting and the organization of the ceremony.

In addition to this, to set expectations with the couple, you can present them your portfolio showing your style and how you work. Discover what kind of photos they want to have, the number of shots they want, the primary things they want to be captured, and if they want the shots to be printed or not. Moreover, you should make sure that you have an agreement with your pricing and up front payments.