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Can Hypnotherapy Make You Quit Smoking?


The process of hypnotherapy has an 80% success rate when it comes to helping a person stop smoking.

Paying a visit to your hypnotist can actually help you curb your addiction to cigarettes. It is said to have an 80% success rate, which is higher than other solutions like acupuncture, drugs, behaviour therapy, gradual reduction, nicotine replacement therapy and even quitting cold turkey (just stopping then and there).

Working with a professional that administers hypnotherapy is great because the participants tap the client’s subconscious mind and basically tells it to forget the habit. Hypnotherapy can often help find a deep rooted issue and can help in reducing the client’s stress level, helping her lose weight, and providing her with an overall feeling of wellness.

What other benefits does hypnotherapy give me?

Hypnotherapy can also be cost-efficient. Why? There are audio books and other self-help solutions in your local bookstore or the World Wide Web, but the thing is, they often cost an arm and a leg. All the amenities from a world-class treatment facility are yours, for a fraction of the price that other treatment methods are demanding.

Is this solution for everyone?

Getting into your subconscious mind may be easy for some and difficult for others, but any person will get used to it after a few sessions. They just have to listen and join in the program. Most participants would still have one or two cigarettes after the first few sessions, and it is understandable.

As you progress through the next sessions, continue to promise yourself not to smoke anymore. You may have that sense of well-being after doing so, and you can pat yourself on the back for taking care of your health.

The bottom line…

Even if you participate in the hypnotherapy sessions with an expert, the program will be worthless if you are not willing to stop smoking cigarettes. Get in touch with your local treatment facility right now so you can add more years to your life.